Zyna A.
definitely recommend the jerk shrimp (btw im pescatarian)!! a good blend of flavor and spicy with their sides.
Alicia J.
Totally recommend this spot! I'd have to say the consistency in service and delicious food is what keeps me going back. They do have an instagram page where they constantly keep you updated on hrs and locations.
Daisy Twentytwo
Ok so I just left here and the food is so good. This is my 3rd time eating here and the first time I had shrimp tacos 🤤 they were delicious. The slaw and sauce they put on them are delicious. Now I'm eating dirty fries, (chicken) now of course I had (dirty) loaded fries before but OMG THESE WERE DELICIOUS TOO! Don't forget about the lemonade 😋.This is a excellent food truck.
Butter C.
Best ever Jerk Chicken, very juicy, tasty, and spices were just right. Yummy!!!! in every bite. Yes, I highly recommend this food truck. Food is very delicious. OMG!!! It's fabulous, awesome and so deliciou.
Roxana Gonzalez
Very tasty tacos; and loved the plantains😊 Great food
Daniel B.
The best jerk. I've tried the majority of Caribbean restaurants in town. This one is the best. Great taste at a reasonable price and well presented.